2 foot narrow gauge railroads initially were designed for limited local area mining, logging, freight and passenger use.

Sn2 (narrow track version) track is the N type, gauge .353 or 9mm. N track gauge is approximately 6% too narrow to be correct for a 1/64 modeling scale of a 2' narrow gauge railroad. The correct gauge is .375 or 9.52mm. N track being close in gauge and readily available is considered to be an acceptable standard when modeling to the "narrow track version" of Sn2. N track is available in rail codes of .040, .055, .070 and .083.

Certain Locomotives, tenders and rolling stock are modified to compliment this 1/64th scale. Chassis clearances require specific coupler styles and heights as to the type of railroad being modeled. See the Sn2 standards also see the FAQ standards for differences and compromises when modeling Maine, Colorado and other type 2' narrow gauge railroads in Sn2. Locomotives, rolling stock and track are getting quite small, but, we are still modeling in 1/64th scale with layout and structures as always, in S scale.