American Flyer® 2-rail equipment produced in the late 40s, 50s and 60s period utilized “Tin Plate” hollow core track! Refined solid rail track, turnouts and crossovers, realistic in appearance are available in Hi-Rail, rail code heights of, .131, .148, .172 and .220, and will generally accept the original oversize wheels and wheel flanges found on AF equipment. Check with the track manufacturer as to wheel flange tip clearance to rail ties plates before purchasing solid rail track. Layout and structures to compliment solid Hi-Rail track may be AF period style or S scale.

Upgrading AF with narrower versions of locomotive and rolling stock wheels with a more prototypical tread and contoured wheel flanges, namely the code-125, S scale wheels are available to convert AF equipment to an S scale style. Code-125, S scale wheels compliment the lower rail code heights of .070, .083, .100, and .125, as to clearance of the wheel flange at the rail tie plates while enhancing appearance and operational accuracy. A qualified AF technician should install narrower version S scale, code-125 locomotive and tender wheels as critical wheel spread, clocking and electrical issues need to be defined. Truck and knuckle couplers of the S scale type also compliment AF equipment. Layout and structures for upgraded AF locomotive, tender and rolling stock should be S scale.

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